Sunday, 13 May 2012

Blind ...

Here i have placed and pinned died doilies together as i would like my blind to be, they are quite close together at the top then get more spaced apart as they go down with gaps in-between like they are decaying away.I wanted the doilies to look like they have a random layout with an uneven edge that follows the outlines of each doily, this will contrast with the sharp, straight lines of the cotton organdy that will be sewn to the doilies above.


Doilies all sewn together i made sure i matched the colour of each thread to the doily and used tiny stitches so they were not visible

Using the same method as i did with the paper collage, i did with this fabric piece, i have used new and old pieces some that i have died different colours

I've left a raw egde to give that rustic, worn look, and sewn some loosely so it adds a bit of depth and made to look feather like.


Some of my doilies are stained and some are pristine white so i wanted to die them all different pastel colours.



Here i have hand sanded down the table top and legs so i can paint it an off white colour 

I made a template of the top of the table and have got a piece of glass cut to size to it which will lie over the embroidered piece of fabric.

Collages ...

These collages are made using paper scanned from several books and bits of scrap paper i had recycled

First i drew out the image

Then i traced out each part onto different papers

Then i cut out each separate piece

Then i placed and stuck down the pieces layered on top of each other


For one of my final pieces i'm going to make a embroidered piece to sit on top of this table.
I found this at Bolton Community Transport charity.


Here i have been sampling using the imagery from the the research i have gathered.
On each of these I've used wool as a base then different fabrics layered on top of each other such as, suede, satin, cotton and cord.

Here I've used sequins and french knots 

On this sample I have used machine stitch to add the extra detail and left a raw edge

Here i have layered different fabrics together then used the hand embellisher which holds the fabrics together and get that distressed look

I've used a tight zig-zag stitch for the outline,it was quite fiddly to go over some of the more intricate edges and the finish wasn't as good as i hoped, however i liked the look of a raw edge better  and think it fits in well with my vintage recycled theme

layering fabrics loosely, with a raw edge


Experimenting with different backgrounds using different weights, colour, patterned and textured fabric, that could be used for wall pieces.

Cut out spots with reverse applique 

lace over wool, needle bonded

Wool, cotton spotty fabric and lace needled bonded